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ChronoZoom updated!

ChronoZoom Github

Today marks the latest launch from the growing ChronoZoom community. Since the beta release back in June 2012, significant improvements have occurred to both the code and community.

When you visit ChronoZoom, you will be greeted by an updated appearance and improved initial load times and search, supported by a completely new scalable database structure. The project code repository is now on Github, where you can see the latest activity and you can join in development. You can also lead discussions on the Community and Developer forums.

In the last year, our community has expanded to include members from the University of Washington Center for Web & Data Science, and from the University of Washington Information School; joining existing members from Moscow State University Lomonosov, University of California at Berkeley, and Microsoft Research. We are excited at our progress and hope you will join us!

Upcoming: Want to start making history with ChronoZoom? Expect to see an authoring preview in about two weeks.

ChronoZoom Wins Best Educational Software at 2013 South by Southwest

Donald Brinkman, Roland Saekow, and Mike Zyskowski pose with the South by Southwest award. (Photo Courtesy of Microsoft Research Connections)

The ChronoZoom beta has captured top honors again. ChronoZoom was named one of five finalists at the 2013 South by Southwest (SXSW) for the Interactive Award for educational resources. The ChronoZoom community was represented by Donald Brinkman and Mike Zyskowski of Microsoft, and Roland Saekow of U.C. Berkeley.

When ChronoZoom was named the winner, the trio took the stage and Mike offered a Haiku as the team’s acceptance speech:

Open Source, Microsoft? BAM!
Mem’ry of Lee Dirks

Lee Dirks was the director of Microsoft Research Connections and an enthusiastic supporter of the ChronoZoom project. Lee was killed last summer in a tragic accident while on vacation. The ChronoZoom team dedicated the SXSW award to his memory.