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ChronoZoom in 2017 and 2018

An early brainstorming sketch about ChronoZoom in April of 2009

Eight years ago, Walter Alvarez and I dreamed up the idea of a zoomable timeline.
With the endless and generous support of Microsoft Research, Moscow State University, and many friends around the world, ChronoZoom became a reality.

While active development of ChronoZoom ended in 2012, the server has been running continuously since that time. But the web has changed quickly over the last five years. With each year, ChronoZoom’s code becomes more and more difficult to maintain and keep functional.

At the end of 2017, we will be winding down ChronoZoom’s server. On September 1st, 2017 authoring functions will be disabled. Existing timelines will remain online until December 31st, 2017. On January 1st, 2018, timelines will be removed, and the ChronoZoom homepage will display historical project information.

On behalf of all of us that had the opportunity to bring ChronoZoom to life, thank you for using and supporting ChronoZoom all these years. If ChronoZoom has inspired you to think about time or history in new and different ways, I encourage you to discuss new ideas and new projects with others at

Thank you to everyone that believed in the project, brought it to life with their incredible skill and generosity, and most importantly of all, thank you for using ChronoZoom in your classrooms and daily lives to bring history to life!

Roland Saekow
ChronoZoom Co-Founder
University of California, Berkeley

Some of the ChronoZoom development team at a reunion dinner in 2015

ChronoZoom credits

Microsoft Research
Daron Green
Rane Johnson
Michael Zyskowski
Bob Walter
Danny Datal
Kal Viswanathan
Roman Snytsar
Palani Vairavan
Bill Crow
Curtis Wong
Steven Drucker
Jian Zhao
Katie Doran
Jessica Herron
Donald Brinkman
Lori Ada Kilty
Javier Porras Luraschi
Neil Cresswell
Peter Larsen
Jay Beavers
Alex Wade
Lee Dirks
Tony Hey

Moscow State University
Sergey Berezin
Eugene Nourminsky
Maria Nourminsky
Alexander Zenchenko
Anna Isaeva
Dmitry Grechka
Dmitry Voytsekhovskiy
Ivan Samylovskiy
Michael Kalygin
Nataliya Stepanova
Nikita Skoblov

UC Berkeley
Eric Giegerich
Michael Katz
Lawrence Lau
Kathleen McCowin
Chris Engberg
Michelle Lo
Ken Zhou
Matt Hoffman
Robbie Bruens
Madison Allen
Sergey Piterman
Cecily Gardner
Kenneth Leung
Noah Richards
Ana Isabel
Nancy Crowe
Cheyenne Waldman
David Shimabukuro

Around the world
Craig Benjamin
Lowell Gustafson
Esther Quaedacker
Barry H. Rodrigue
Fred Spier
Joseph Voros
Cynthia Stokes Brown
David Christian
Marcel Koonen
Nico Kuijpers
Bert Degenhart Drenth
Eric Schultz

And many, many more! If your name is not on this list, please contact me. Apologies in advance!